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California Payday Loans

Our life is unpredictable. Sometimes we have to experience situations when we urgently need some amount of money and, unfortunately, have nobody to borrow it from. In such cases, payday loans become our true salvation as they offer cash without guarantors and certificate of income. You know that most banks offer special term credits and you get cash not instantly. It may take several days. Payday loans in California offer their customers money on mutual agreed conditions and which is the most important – quickly. All you need is to fill out the application and wait for a while. Make sure that it really works.

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California Cash Advance Lending Laws

Cash advance is a legal thing in California. Nevertheless, you have to know details about loans in order to protect yourself. There are certain laws regulating the processes of lending money and the work of payday loans companies. You will not be charged for more than $3 for a loan which is less than $50 and your charge will not exceed $5 in fees if you borrow more than $500. Beyond that lenders are not affirmatively authorized to charge for more than 15% interest on the cash they provide. All this is due to California cash advance policy held by legislation of the state.

It should be noted that the sphere of payday loans is rapidly developing. There were more than 3,000 lenders in 2003. It is becoming more and more popular not only in California; instant payday loans tend to be one of the most frequently used services at the modern market. Today, there are dozens and even hundreds of companies offering fast cash in each city and town in the USA.

As you see, it is a proven method to cope with financial crunch. If you are ready to join the number of payday loans customers, just make your first step – fill out an application.

First and foremost, we want to explain you how this system and our site work. Creating the list of the most reliable agencies is our professional activity. All the names of the companies that you will find on our site can be trusted. We don’t add suspicious lenders or agencies with unclear loan schemes. All you need is to find the city you live in and click on it. There you will find a list of the best fast payday loans CA. Then you have 2 ways – to go there and complete a form or fill it out and send via e-mail. Then you will get the answer and your money a little bit later. Bear in mind that it will not take you much time. The second way is even more convenient as you can send your application without leaving home. Online payday loans were something new several years ago and users treated them suspiciously. But now they are becoming a common thing for people who both appreciate their time and need extra money. It is both effective to contact a company on the Internet and go to the office and complete a form by hand. Nobody cares about your credit history and papers. Moreover, when choosing Internet payday loans, you can confer different companies and choose the one that seems to be the best. All California instant payday loans are well-known for their prompt response and excellent work. When you get your cash, you have to remember that the company who lends you money will charge your card when you get takings on it. So, you don’t need to go somewhere in order to pay your debts.

Our service offers you to estimate the work of the best CA cash advance. All of them are reliable, fast and convenient for state residents. Instant loans are a revolutionary means to solve money problems quickly and effectively. Moreover, we don’t stop working on the list; we try to do our best to make the process of searching as convenient as possible, so that everyone will be able to find the company that meets his needs and complies with his solvency.

Another important thing that is our priority is privacy policy. All your financial requests will remain confidential. We never share the information about our clients and their personal data with other organizations, individuals and businesses. We provide for the information about payday loans in California and don’t care how our visitors behave after getting the needed data. We assume no responsibility for the further actions of people who use information about payday loans that is available on our website.

Since 1996, cash advance in California has been allowed to check cashers. Nevertheless, nobody who provides California fast pay day loans can hold that check over 30 days before they deposit it. It is also noted that money cannot be provided without signed agreement that is to be printed in two copies and kept both by lender and customer. The agreement should contain the detailed information about conditions for the transaction including personal data of the client and the amount of fees that are discharged. According to this law, lenders can also change the fee. Under California laws, the fee doesn’t exceed 15%. If the lender crudely violates the laws of CA, that means penalty at the rate of $2000.

Also there is a note that company offering payday loans can reject a credit if a client hasn’t paid the previous one in full. It is concerned about third, fourth and any other agreement and means that one customer can ask for a sum of money only if he isn’t a debtor of the company he invokes. It is practiced in almost all states in the USA.

What about documents needed to get instant cash, a person should have at least one of the following forms of identification: a valid California driver’s license, a passport or a US military identification. If you are a resident of California and want to open your own cash advance loans, you have to get permission from the Attorney General’s office to conduct your own business in the state.

Unemployment in California

The level of unemployment was rather low in January, 2006 and made 5.3% – it was less than 1 million citizens (936, 336 residents). This figure was even larger a year before – in 2005 and made 6.2%. The fact is that this data hasn’t changed greatly for the last decade.

Payday Loans: the list of Cities of California (CA)

Anaheim Garden Grove Oceanside San Bernardino
Bakersfield Glendale Ontario San Diego
Chula Vista Hayward Orange San Francisco
Concord Huntington Beach Oxnard San Jose
Corona Irvine Palmdale Santa Ana
Elk Grove Lancaster Pasadena Santa Clarita
Escondido Long Beach Pomona Santa Rosa
Fontana Los Angeles Rancho Cucamonga Stockton
Fremont Modesto Riverside Sunnyvale
Fresno Moreno Valley Sacramento Thousand Oaks