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Cashdisc.com DOES NOT act as a lender, we are only a platform, providing customers a chance to lend loans from creditors. Please understand we DO NOT specify loan conditions and cannot be held responsible for their content. We provide a network for lenders, offering short-term loans from $100 to $1000. Chances of approving or rejecting your request are based on your credit history and reliability of details of your loan case. All lenders determine their own rates and fees and we CANNOT guarantee loan approval. Please read all terms and conditions of your loan agreement before signing.

The full sum of your loan actually consists of your loan body plus fees and interest.
Short-term loans are used for financial emergency cases and are normally given on a term up to two weeks. They should be returned timely and in full to avoid applying additional fees and increased interest.

Each lender determines their fees, interest rates and APRs personally and should inform you of this IN WRITING. You are obliged to read this document in full and have no legal responsibility before signing. Even after accepting the loan you can walk away any minute before the moment of signing the official document.

We urge you to be a responsible borrower to avoid disputes and legal prosecutions by the lenders. Short-term cash loans differ from usual ones by a very short repayment period. Please do not apply if you are not sure you will be able to repay in time. Consider using standard bank loans, receiving salary in advance from your employer or even borrowing from you family or friends in that case. Short-term loans cannot solve long-term credit issues, so use them wisely.