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What will Happen if you Delay Payday Loans Delays Repayment? Please, Meet Collectors!

You know that payday loans issue money at certain interest. If you don’t repay your debts, you will have to get acquainted with collectors. Who are they? Collectors are employees of the collection agency that make citizens and companies return debts.

So, if you have not repaid the loan (read: haven’t fulfilled the loan obligation), then be prepared for the fact that sooner or later you will be called by a collector.

Typically, the collector begins his work with collecting all the available information about the debtor, checking personal data, studying his property and financial position. Then paper and electronic media is included. Collector sends the debtor the relevant SMS-message, as well as letters by e-mail, regular mail with a request to return the debt. At the same time he tries to contact the debtor all possible ways. Collector calls him on the phone, holding a conversation, trying to explain to the debtor that the return of the accumulated amount of the debt is in his behalf too. However, if none of the above steps bring result, the collector goes further. He can call relatives, friends or superiors debtor. Sometimes one such call is able to solve everything, and the borrower turns into a prompt payer. However, if nothing happens: the money is not returned, and calls are ignored, it is passed to the court. After that a bailiff starts to collect the debt from the borrower.

Unfortunately, collectors often start to use insults and threats (for example, the claimant may threaten to take away all your belongings, even though to do so is only entitled to the executive office after judgment). So if you think that collector’s demands violate your civil rights, you should file an application to the police.